OS & E

Value-Adding purchasing of operational supplies and equipment (OS&E) is about choosing the right product in respect to budget and usability in everyday operations. However, product decisions are often taken before the operational team is set in place and ready to give input. Resulting changes and corrections are an inconvenient and unnecessary extra cost.

With our extensive project experience and an operational background, we can anticipate this problem for you: we make a precise preliminary budget and a pre-selection of adequate equipment – to avoid budget shortages later and to enable a quick decision-making process once the staff is available.

Rapid Supplies offers the full range of OS&E purchasing and procurement services, pertinent to every stage of your hotel project.


  • Establishing a draft and detailed in depth budget. Item by item, for every department and outlet
  • Making a preliminary product selection based on samples
  • Developing concept for sample uniforms, staff restaurants, partnerships and more
  • Composing standard operating procedures (SOP) for the purchasing department


  • Establishing timeline until opening
  • Conducting tenders, comparing & validating offers
  • Verifying the adherence to the budget, save cost, adapt product selection to cost where necessary
  • Setting up strategy for operational expenses such as laundry service, linen rental and more
  • Managing logistics


  • Inspection of the goods at origin or on delivery
  • Receiving the items in good condition
  • Evaluation of goods against purchase order
  • Managing installation on site (correct reception of furniture, installation of artwork etc.)


  • Reconciliation of project budget and billing, nal project cost overview