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What Do Parents’ Expect From Hotels And Restaurants?

Researches across the world suggest that parents visit more often, spend more money and are more loyal to commercial establishments and restaurants that are child friendly and provide high quality, well-maintained childcare facilities

 Believe it or not, children have a powerful impa...

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Safe Cribs Satisfied Guests

Research highlight that safe sleeping solutions are likely to get satisfied guests
As per the latest research sudden unexpected infant deaths (SUID) had declined since 1992, but are still high as per the figures available. The figures indicate in the year 2015 alone at least 3700 unexpected inf...

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Redefining Opulence With Largest Hotels In The World

Luxury is a status statement in itself and there is no end to defining large and extravagant lifestyle, especially when it comes to largest hotels and establishments around the world.
The United States boasts of having many of the world's largest hotels, with the city of Las Vegas being the ep...

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Maximize Your Hotel Occupancy, The Right Formula For Success

One basic question which unites hoteliers the world over is how to increase their hotel occupancy and it is the most basic step towards a successful hotel business, because at the end of the day room sales is directly connected to revenue and isn’t that what we all are here to increase!

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How To Avoid Online Reviews From Hurting Your Hotel Reputation

In the hospitality world, nothing speaks louder than word-of-mouth, therefore, avoiding getting negative guest remarks and reviews should be a priority for hospitality industry. A single review can either make or mar your reputation. Customer reviews have the power to influence the choice of thousan...

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